Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Belly Cast


                                                                                                                             is Jessie
Im just introducing you to a ton of people arent i?
Well...Im sociable what can i say?

Anyways, Im conveniently located between Zepherhills, Fl and Michigan which in my favor means I get to have Jessie over at my house often since shes in Michigan more than most Michiganies. No. I dont care if theyre actually called Michiganites. Sounds like a rock.

In my crafty little big way I gave Jessie the idea to cast her very pregnant belly and let me paint it for her and set it up for Lucy's room.

We bought a kit and effectively tossed the instructions save for this step.
Honestly it was a waste of time. The strips were cut on the spot anyways.

This is Ana. SHE was tons more helpful than the pre cut strips of plaster. Bleh.

The next step was applying petroleum jelly all over Jessie's nude neck shoulders bosom and belly.

Pretty sure she could do it all on her own so I let her have at it.

Dipping (or sliding ) the strips carefully through warm water I applied them to Jessie's no-look spots.

I wanted to get them to look au natural :)

Candid. I. Swear.

Not quite sure why but when I asked Iris to get me a bandaid to cover Jessie's belly button piercing, she got me the only American Flag one in the house.

We both happen to be military spouses

Go figure :)

<~~~~Here is Emma

                                                                           and Iris ~~~~>

adding their own strips to Lucy's belly cast

It looks so cool and it hasnt even come off yet!

It takes approximately 3-5 layers to make the cast nice and solid, and 30-45 minutes to complete. Drying takes about 10 minutes and youll know when its done by how it feels. If it starts to fall off the skin, then its ready to be gently pulled away.
Ill warn you though! Make sure that although you dont want it ultra breezy where you cast, you DO need adequate ventilation and air conditioning for the Mama. Jessie got very woozy and pale whilst getting casted. A drink of water and a nice Ana to fan away the warmth got Jessie back to good and let us finish the cast without further issue.

Heres the finished cast!

It takes a few hours to dry but is hard to the touch pretty early on. Make sure that if you make a belly cast, it stays well away from anything that can harm it as it CAN and WILL crush easily in this stage. I also suggest you place it where its well supported from the INSIDE.

In a few days i will sand it smooth and apply gesso, paint it with acrylics and then seal it with a clear coat.

Ill post pictures when I do:)

Oh! see that little thing down at the bottom right? With left over strips I cast Emma's hand which i will cut the extras from and sand down for her to paint.

Ive never done this before but I love the idea.  You get to physically remember just how big and round and beautiful your baby bump was. You treasure it and your new baby will too, in due time <3

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