Friday, January 8, 2010

A day of FIRSTS!

Today didnt start out so well

School had an hour delay due to the non-existant inch of snow that had been predicted.
My crafting luncheon was cancelled
And Aeva was a very hungry baby (constantly nursing me dry)
But somehow it all turned around this afternoon. Right before going to get Iris from school I got a message from an old highschool friend with two little girls of her own.
Which is how I got my FIRST order for Lizabella Boutique!

I have never ever made these before but here they are! What do you think??
Here is Aeva modeling her personal flower headband

Just like those boutique ones huh??

But while I was out looking for hairbands to attach these cutesies to I couldnt find a single one id care to put on my own girls.

No problem ;)

A little fabric, a little cutting, some interfacing, baby elastic, sew-sew-sew aaannd

wanna know how it fits?

It looks so elegant! Im pretty proud of how simple it is and how nice it looks on its own:)

Oh right! The other firsts of today!

Well these Im both thrilled by and saddened over.
Today my little ladybug had her first tasting of food.

she had cereal...

And she LOVED it

But it doesnt end there.   Aeva is also teething and she isnt handling it well. We found that drinking ice water out of our cup (she refuses a bottle), tends to help her.

So she got her first sippy

She knows JUST how to use it...what am i gonna be good for soon?!?

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  1. sounds like your day got better and better as it went along. :) you know, i may take some orders from you soon...i'm thinking infant photo props? headbands, baby hats......