Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mark this day!

  1. Feels like a long time coming but its FINALLY here! The day I start my blog about what I do best: Making things without any know-how.

First off I want to introduce you to the two ladies who for the most part inspire me to try:

Theres Iris, my flower, fashionista extaordinaire and expensive little gal to say the least

And Aeva, also widely known as ladybug. My living breathing craft display model.
Disclaimer: she is NOT as quiet as her buggy counterpart

Right around the time that Aeva was born, I got hit by a sudden urge to sew. For my birthday I purchased a used sewing machine sans manual, hooked it up and sewed up scrap fabric I found around the house. Lets just say that those poor projects will never see the light of day.

Now theres two main ladies I craft WITH, you can consider us as a whole the Need Not Know How Mamas;)

This is Jen

She is teaching me (ever so patiently), how to knit. I still have your needles Jen. Theyre temporarily confiscated.
Shes an incredibly talented photographer (many of the best pictures I have come from her).  
Im teaching her how to crochet.
Neigther one of us was really taught, so we live off of blogs, tutorials, YouTube, and magazines.
And do-overs....
Were both working on improving our sewing skills...but with two wild kids each, we hardly get our machines chugging long.
I have forever been a hater of fungus (aka Mushrooms) but with Jen's extraordinary cooking skills, I have started to each them. Willingly. *insert gasp here*

Meet Michelle

She never likes any pictures of herself, so tough nuggets lady...i couldnt find another.
Michelle is figuring out how to make wreathes with me in this picture. Pine scraps, hot glue, zipties (yes..zipties) and fake berries...I think we did a fine job:)
At some point, Michelle WILL teach me how to make bread. Shes awesome at it. Im....well...bread-making-challenged. I think I discourage yeast from making bread rise.
Im teaching her how to sew. And crochet. Shes such good sport :D
She also lets me try my rusty teaching skills out on her without her asking me to.
Oh and her youngest daughter is my back-up, real live, craft model. When she keeps them on...

So why the name 'Need Not Know How'? Simply because we wing it. Some times we fail but most always we come out with a pretty unique something. More often than not its because we dont read directions. Or atleast not fully...if we even have any.

So while I ramble along I hope youll find my posts to be entertaining atleast. But mostly I hope it inspires you to try your hand at something you have no clue how to make:)



  1. awesome lady! can't wait to see where the need-not-know-how philosophy takes us! :D

  2. You are amazing!! I love that our paths crossed. You have great talent and sense of humor. I'm glad we are going to be able to share our love for crafts. Good luck!! Besitos to you!! = )