Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In our town we often find ourselves looking for new and exciting venues.

When youre a mother of two rambunctious kids...exciting takes on a new meaning. And this to us is Hobby Lobby.
After hitting up (and messing up) Atlanta Bread Company for bagels and coffe (read fuel and energy), Jen, Michelle and I went for a stroll through the first Hobby Lobby in our town.
We each only needed MAYBE one item.

didnt happen
I found material for little boy shoes I want to make and Jen found Cars (the movie) fabric but didnt know what to use it for.
Ofcourse...I did.

I wish I could say that I took pictures of us trying to figure out how to make a Lighting McQueen tote bag for Max, buuuut I didnt. We were too busy fighting Aeva who gummed everything, kicked the table, cried and caused general havoc.

We did however get this

Yes thats salvage as a hair bow. But look at the undergrowth of hair! Its like she has a natural mohawk. Gotta love that sweet baby though <3

Anyways, thanks to said sweet baby and a lonely papa at home I had to skidaddle early into the night and leave Jen with something resembling instructions and a type of guideline online.
As usual, Jen did not let me down:

Look at that smile! That tote bag kicks butt and takes crayons later! Speaking of crayons, Mr. Max can store those and his coloring books in it.

Put that in your bag and shake it!


  1. i'm wondering if i should put a pocket on it or not? if i did i think i'll try either a brown or red pocket...whaddya think?

  2. Pocket DEFINITELY! Oh and i gotta show ya how to put a pocket on the INSIDE for your next tote ;)
    Hmm...i think it should be a rust brown pocket. and put MAX on it!