Monday, January 4, 2010

Nook Sleeve

So as Im getting ready to settle in my bed and possibly start some knitting, I get this in a text:


Cute right?!
One of my favorite J-girls ( I have 3), Jess,  decided to take on the world of felt and hand stitching to create her very own Nook Sleeve.

This is her by the way, with hubby Tobias.  (yea yea i KNOW Jess cut her hair very short but this is one of my faves of her...and yep shes a photog too!)

And she quoted ME as inspiration! Aint it awesome?? Just makes me swell with all sorts of good feelings inside!
Now you may be asking yourself, what does Sherlin have to do with felt and hand stitching??
Heres what:

This is Jess's spunky daughter, Vivi (or rather the back of vivi's head), sporting a handstitched felt clip I made for her. Jess just LOVES anything punk and pink especially when its skull and crossbones. 
Im honestly thrilled that she has started to try her hand at crafts! And without me there to help, shes officially living up to the Need Not Know How philosophy (as Jen put it).
I miss Jess, Vivi and Tobias
When I first started this whole crafting thing I could run out my back door thru my yard and onto her back patio to show off my latest creation. But sadly for me (and wickedly great for them), the Air Force finally moved the McCurrys out to Keesler AFB in Mississippi.
If only they could have packed us up too : /

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  1. Hey Sherlin! I got your message in the comments section on my blog. Thanks.....I love hearing what other gals are doing. So sweet! And yes, we are here in GA Savannah. And loving it! Where are you at?

    Keep up the darling proejcts......I love seeing what you're up to!

    And it may be easier to email me in response.